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Greetings from the Countryside (Strong Emotions)

You can purchase a copy of the publication from Ormston House.

Laura Fitzgerald, in collaboration with Ormston House, has produced a new publication to accompany her solo exhibition, Strange Weather. The publication, Greetings from the Countryside (Strong Emotions),  includes a new text and illustrations by Laura, that reflect lived experience, relationships between neighbours, and conventional road signals.

Designed and printed by Or Studio. ©2024 Laura Fitzgerald. All rights reserved.

Printed on Munken Lynx 100gsm and Colorplan Azure Blue 135gsm

Edition of 300

Publisher: Ormston House

Publication Date: February 2024

Editor: Colm McAuliffe

Copy Editor: Joanne Laws

Design + Printing: Or Studio

A History of Head Trauma

This book is a very useful, hopefully funny and sometimes sad collection of art writing.  Designed by Christopher Steenson and printed by Ciarán Smith (Plus Print), A History of Head Trauma is an experiment in short story making and produced as part of my presentation at ‘FUTURES, Series 3, Episode 2’ at the RHA Gallery I, Dublin, in 2018.

The beginning section of the book was made using my Grandfather’s former secretary’s electric typewriter, which he gave to me during a winter I spent living with him while on residency at the International Studio & Curatorial Program in New York. After our time spent together and on arrival back to Ireland, a jolt of 220 volt to its mechanical heart sadly killed the typewriter and it immediately failed to work any further.

The blue section of the book began to be written in Granny’s old henhouse (Irish Granny, not married to New York Granddad) in Inch, Co. Kerry, and the pink section was commenced at the Irish Museum, while on a research residency into the work of Lucian Freud.

The GAA pink lotto paper was spotted in the window of a schools supplies shop in Dingle, down the road from where I worked in Kennedy’s Bar and each story was printed and then scanned on a thirty euro printer bought under duress at Harvey Norman’s in Tralee before my move to Dublin.

The pieces continued to be made during the long winter which followed at the Fire Station Artists’ Studios in Dublin and subsequently form an experimental narrative, about time spent in several different places.

The book dimensions are: 21 x 29.7 x and is 96 pages in length.

A History of Head Trauma is available to purchase from The Library Project

Less Stress More Success

Less Stress More Success is a short booklet to accompany a group exhibition curated by Rachel Botha at Kilkenny Arts Office Gallery in 2020.

Participating artists were; Eimear Murphy, Saidhbhín Gibson and Laura Fitzgerald.

The commissioned text written my me (Laura Fitzgerald), titled ‘Acquiring Anti-Obsessional Attitudes’ is in part an art writing piece and partially a written exercise, exploring modes of what it’s like to be artist and participate within the art world.

Curator: Rachel Botha

Design: Models & Constructs

Published by Kilkenny Arts Office
15 pages
210 x 150 mm

The Inch Conglomerate

The Inch Conglomerate newspaper was produced by artist Laura Fitzgerald, to accompany her outdoor installation Cosmic Granny in Inch, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Design, editing and layout by Christopher Steenson.

“Collectively, the stories in The Inch Conglomerate suggest a pervasive bureaucratic vision that dismisses and disallows “the old days” and the individuals who might personify the old days, Granny included. There’s a denial of rural Ireland as a living environment. It’s become a somewhere else, discounted and wrapped in plastic. Granny in Orbit is a symbol of exuberant, unapologetic endurance on the part of the old days, a gesture of hope in the face of adversity.” – Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times

Self Published
8 pages
380 x 580 mm

The Inch Conglomerate is available to buy here:

The Restless Bogman

The Restless Bogman is a book written by Artist, Laura Fitzgerald that accompanied her exhibition, I have made a place at the Crawford Art Gallery in 2021. Through the book, Laura wanted to find a way to explore ideas around ancestral memory. How the layers to a character are formed over time, almost turf-like. Laura set out to explore how an individual — a multiplicity of contradictions, could find a way to navigate through the contemporary world. The Restless Bogman is a means to allow anxieties, old bothareens of neural pathways, contrary ideas, to be footed up, wet, out of the ground. That in this process newer thoughts might come up to the air, brought to the surface, on the page, for drying. Laura Fitzgerald worked with Or Studio to help bring these ideas to life through this limited edition Risograph printed book.  The book is shorted for IDI Design awards 2021 and won a Bronze IDI award in 2022.


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