Many things are happening

This happened:

Holy Fluff at Supermarket 2022

 Stockholm Independent Art  

Holy Fluff is floating around. It is many things, intertwining the spiritual and the playful. We take the serious, searching, lighthearted and joyous and put them in a hat to find meaning. We want to understand – and have fun.

Holy Fluff is our need for reflecting, believing, questioning, connecting with something beyond the daily reality. It is also longing for a simpler, lighter, carefree existence.
You wake up one day being spirited away on a cloud of fluff. Where are you going? Have you got your answers?


26 – 29th May 2022

This happened too:

A Growing Enquiry: Art, Agriculture, reconciling values at the RHA Gallery

A group show about farming and agriculture featuring the work of: Laura Fitzgerald, Maria McKinney, Anna Rackard, Jane Locke, Katie Watchorn and Miriam O’Connor



Open daily

Show runs until April 29th 2022




And this:

Tickling a sensible place at Galerie Michaela Stock

an exhibition of new work by Irish Rural Laura Fitzgerald & Austrian Urban Artist Evelyn Loschy



Opens: 22nd January – 27th March 2022


but this will happen later on:

Right-of-way at the Wexford Art Centre

as part of the Wexford Emergent Award 2029 -2022.

What I said I would do, will be different – but really the same I’d say when the time comes.


Opens: October 2022

Exact date TBC

Working Hours

7am - 6pm

10.00am - 5pm